The Geller Lab


Ron Geller, PhD: Ron did his PhD studies and first postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University, working in the labs of Dr. Judith Frydman (Stanford Univ) and Dr. Raul Andino (UCSF). Subsequently, he did a second postdoc with Dr. Rafael Sanjuan at the Universitat de Valencia. Ron has been awarded the 5-year Ramon y Cajal fellowship and has started the Viral Biology Group at the Universitat de Valencia.
Victor Latorre Rosello, PhD: Víctor obtained his PhD degree under the supervision of Dr. Paloma Pérez (Instituto de Biomedicina de Valencia) in the field of skin development and cutaneous pathologies. He pursued his research with his first postdoc in Dr. Nicoletta Bobola’s lab (The University of Manchester) characterizing enhancers in early stages of mouse and human embryo development. Nowadays, he is working in our group examining the interaction of respiratory syncytial virus with cellular proteins to learn more about the virus and how we can better fight it. 
Florian Mattenberger, MSc: Florian did his degree in Biotechnology and his Master in Evolutionary biology at the University of Valencia. During this time he was working with Dr. David Martinez (ICBIBE) studying the photoperiodism in the pea aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum. Then, he started at Mario Fares’ lab (IBMCP) doing experimental evolution to study the adaptation of yeast to stress, and there he obtained a FPI grant from MINECO to start his PhD on the evolution of duplicated genes. He is now finishing up his PhD in our lab investigating the consequences of viral variability for adaptation to new environments. 
Serafima Rys:
Master student in the Molecular, Cellular, and Genetics Research program from the UV.  She will be with us for a few months to do her thesis working on virus-chaperone interactions.
Pierina Cetraro:
Pierina is an undergraduate student at the Universidad Politecnica of Valencia (UPV). She is here to get her hand dirty with some lab science. 





Lab Alumni

2018 Marina Vila Nistal, Master Student